Join a team!

We want to encourage each other in the gifts that God has given us. That's why we ask that anyone who calls Ps & Gs home serves as part of a team.

Every team is different and some require specific skills but each team is valued and important, and training can often be given.

Take a look at the teams below, then get in touch with the team leader! If you are passionate about something that you can't see here, get in touch with the office and we'll get you involved.

What team would suit me?

If you're unsure what church activity would be  the best fit for your skills and gifts, follow our chart and see where it leads you – you might be surprised!

Sunday Teams

Welcome Team 1.jpg

11am Welcome Teams

Coffee Team 2.jpg

7pm Coffee Teams

Production Team 1.jpg

Production Team

Welcome Team 2.jpg

7pm Welcome Teams

7pm Baking.jpg

7pm Baking

9am Teams.jpg

9am Teams

Coffee Team 1.jpg

11am Coffee Teams

Worship Team 1.jpg

Worship Team

Reading Team 1.jpg

Reading Team

Children's & Youth Teams

Sunday Groups Pre-School.jpg

Sundays groups,
B’s & T’s and other children’s events

Youth Wee Connect.jpg

Groups on Sundays and Fridays


Other Teams

Catering for Courses.jpg

Catering for Courses

Creative Team.jpg

Creative Team

Soul Food Team.jpg

Soul Food

Flower Team.jpg

Flower Team

Meal Providers.jpg

Meal Providers