We’re part of a growing movement across Scotland of worshippers, songwriters and producers who love to create music that connects you with God.

We’d love to do that with you.


We write and release music from our church community that enables people to discover and encounter God.


We begin and engage in conversations that enable you to worship, lead and create culture where you are. We train and resource teams with our podcast and training sessions.


We’re the worship team serving each week at Ps & Gs Church.

What does worship look and sound like in Scotland?

We believe it starts everyday as we wake up and live whole lives of worship. We hear it when we sing the songs that reflect what God is doing in and through us right now.

Sometimes it feels like a cèilidh; sometimes it feels like we're jamming round a bonfire.

Every week, we are part of a community that takes time to worship God. In these moments, we create a space to listen, to breathe, to celebrate and to experience transformation in our whole lives. From these moments, we craft songs and share them. We discover new conversations about how we worship, how to lead and shape the culture around us.

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We love what God is doing across Scotland. Here are some of our friends, say hi to them.