Looking for Love

Love 2016 small
Looking at the same sex (download)
Dave Richards, 29/05/2016
Looking in the wrong place (download)
Mark Cameron , 22/05/2016
Looking to Singleness (download)
This sermon is made up of a talk for 20 minutes by Dave followed by a question and answer session with three members of the congregation.
Dave Richards & a panel, 15/05/2016
Looking to Marriage (download)
Dave Richards, 08/05/2016
Looking for Friendship (download)
Richard Cornfield, 01/05/2016
Looking to go out (download)
James Green, 24/04/2016
Looking for Intimacy (download)
Libby Talbot, 17/04/2016
Looking for Love (download)
Dave Richards, 10/04/2016