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Arranging Counselling …

The first step is to request counselling. You can do so by telephoning Shirley Sim, Head of Counselling on 0131 557 2780, contact by e mail on: or complete the contact form below. Please also to consider when you may be available to come for counselling. Counselling sessions last for fifty minutes and it is helpful to have a regular weekly session at the same day and time in the week. Do please allow for travel time, to our office at 40 York Place when you consider your availability time to meet with a counsellor.

Before Beginning…

The time you may have to wait between making a request and beginning counselling you will wait will depend on your availability and the availability of our counsellors. If you are able to come for counselling during working hours, we may be able to offer an appointment more quickly than for evening appointments.  When you let us know your availability we shall be able to give you an indication of when you may expect to have a first appointment with a counsellor.

Counselling Children and Young People...

At St Paul's and St George's we are committed to wellbeing for all ages and stages of life. Some of our counsellors are especially trained in play and creative therapies to offer age appropriate counselling for those from four upwards. If you have concerns about your child’s emotional wellbeing and wonder if counselling would be appropriate do contact the Head of Counselling to arrange to chat over your concerns.

Counselling Couples...

Our couple therapists are keen enable couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship, to find a way to enrich their relationship. We use a dialogical approach to counselling which helps couples understand each other better and communicate more clearly. Sessions for couple counselling last for 90 minutes and provide a therapeutic encounter with one another which can rebuild intimacy and develop a stronger emotional attachment to one another. We will explain the approach we take at an initial session, explore the difficulties and revisit your initial attraction to one another, to do the Groundwork to begin the therapeutic work together.
Please complete the details below if you'd like us to contact you regarding a counselling appointment. Your details will be available to the counselling staff only. Please note we are not always able to offer immediate appointments, however we will try to give access to our service as quickly as we can.
We seek to provide the most confidential service that we can. Please let us know if there is anyone on the counselling team who is known to you so that when we are allocating a counsellor we can take your needs and preferences into consideration.

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