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A four week course for busy parents

Life is busy, especially for parents. We rarely get a chance to step back, take a break, and think about how we’re doing as parents – and think about how our family life could become the best it can be. To learn with others about the ups and downs of supporting our children as they grow up.

The Parenting course helps us to:

  • improve our relationships with our children to help them flourish
  • think about our parenting style in a relaxed, friendly environment
  • hear about other parents’ experiences and learn together, picking up ideas and top tips
  • build confidence as parents to help us cope in difficult situations


What kind of things will we talk about?

Each week tackles a different area:

  • getting the basics right for a happy, healthy family life
  • how to make our children feel loved and figure out what makes them tick
  • how to set boundaries and discipline our children in the best way
  • how to deal with anger and conflict, and how to help our children build healthy relationships


Where is it?
St Paul’s and St George’s Church, York Place

What does it cost?

£15 per person. Free places are also available if cost is an issue.

Who can come?
Parents, step-parents or carers of one or more children aged 0–10, and parents-to-be. Single parents are very welcome.

What’s the format?
Each session starts with cake and coffee, followed by a short DVD talk and group discussion.
Not everyone feels comfortable sharing details about their family life, and you won’t have to share anything you don’t want to.

Is childcare available?
Unfortunately we’re not able to offer this. For two parent families, if childcare is an issue, we suggest alternating weekly between each parent.

Is it only for Christians?
No – the course is for anyone, with or without a Christian or church background.

How do I sign up?
Email to see when the next course is running.