24/7 Prayer   24-7-Prayer

As a church we have held a number of 24/7 weeks of prayer over the last few years. These have been wonderful ways of inspiring us as a community to spend more time in God's presence, alone or in groups, increasingly surrendering to Him and allowing him to impact us with the truth of his word, resulting in a growing love for Him and for the lost as we dwell in his presence. Praying loudly, creatively, messily, corporately or simply alone in silence, the 24/7 prayer model has inspired people of all ages within our church family to spend more time seeking God's face. 24/1 prayer follows a similar format, but is for one day rather than a week.


Easter 2015 Prayer Room

Prayer Rooms Coming soon:

  • 21 - 26 September, 7.00 am - 10.00 pm daily


In 2013 we turned our prayer room inside out. We joined together with the aim of walking and praying for every street in our city. Read about what happened when one of our Connect Groups went on a prayer walk:

The group prayed at:

  • Warriston Cycle Path 5 way junction - for choices as a Connect Group
  • Kids play area at Nichollfield - for young people in Leith
  • The Port of Leith - for people coming to and from the City
  • Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre - for people who shop there and maybe ask deeper questions about life
  • The Scottish Government - for Christians and non-Christians involved in government
  • The Job Centre in Leith - for those who are unemployed and experiencing hardship
  • Outside Persevere Court - for Bethany and the chap who we painted for
  • Letham Park Nursing Home - for those who live and work there

The group found it really encouraging to pray together in a fresh way - where will you pray this week?

What is 24/7 Prayer?

Quite simply, on each occasion, we have transformed a plain and unadorned room into a beautiful space, based around a particular theme. The room is then filled with prayer and worship prompts (Bibles, poetry, images, devotionals, newspapers, prayer requests from mission partners and church area leaders etc). We then add a generous collection of creative, multi-sensory materials such as CDs, guitar and craft materials. People sign up for an hour's slot and spend their time in the prayer room conversing with God in whatever way they find helpful. Some choose to sit in the room and pray silently, others to create art and express the cries of their heart, others to praise loudly. Soaked in prayer, the space becomes a 'thin place', where God feels close. A common cry is 'one hour is too short!' as people resolve to sign up for a 2 hour slot when the next Prayer Week comes around...there is also a rumour that God speaks most clearly in the early hours between 1am and 4am!

Some History

For many hundreds of years, Christians have adopted a model of prayer where they have prayed, as a community, around the clock for days, weeks or months on end. Over the past 10 years the 24/7 prayer model has spread across the globe once again, primarily through God's call on the life of Pete Greig, Director of Prayer at Holy Trinity Brompton and author of Red Moon Rising, which tells the story of 24/7 Prayer. Pete describes himself as the 'bewildered founder' of 24/7 prayer, now an international movement focusing on prayer, mission and justice.

Previous 24-7 Prayer Weeks

Journey Through Easter: April 2012

SAM54311  SAM55841

SAM54041  SAM53841


CNV000161  CNV000141






'I am restored! I am redeemed! By your Spirit I am free...'

The REDEEMED Prayer Room was themed around the risen Jesus who died, rose again and sent his Spirit to live within us. Through Jesus, the kingdom of God has begun to invade the present and change lives. Jesus, our risen Lord, is crowned, exalted, seated at the right hand of the Father - and will come again to rule in full.

Those using the Prayer Room were invited to consider what it means to have a risen Saviour, and how this impacts their identity as as church, and the way we live our lives and love the lost. Our prayer was that participants would encounter God in a new and powerful way, as his adopted heir, seated with Christ in the heavenly realms.

God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2: 6 - 7




Dwell - January 2011

The main theme of Dwell was based around Psalm 84 and the concept of dwelling with God, going on pilgrimages with him and simply trusting him.

‘Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength until each appears before God in Zion.’

 DWELL River view nightDWELL thanksgiving wall
DWELL red lolly crossDWELL wall long ways
DWELL heart mobileDWELL peep thru nest
DWELL time to grow