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“Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you”

As a city-centre church, we get thousands of visitors every year. To help people feel welcome we have a great team to greet, steward and provide information at Sunday services. We are always looking for new friendly faces to join the team.

If you might be interested please contact Pamela Kennedy or David Simpson at:

Information for Welcome Team Members

11.00am Team

  1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday
Greeters & Stewards Jenny Carson
Moira Grant
Fiona Lawrence
Fiona Mackie
Duncan MacLean
Esther MacLean
John Talbot
Vivienne Whyte
1 x Vacancy
Paul Arthurson
Paul Gordon
Di Hollow
Geoff Horne
Marjory Horne
Michelle Livingstone
Cathy Richards
Helen Love
1 x Vacancies
Jonathan Briggs
Michael Dixon
Andrew Gillies
Morag Hammond
Neil Kempsell
Philip McDowell
Mike Nicholson
Cathy Richards
1 x Vacancy
Ben Davies-Jenkins
Gillian Downey
Donna Nicol
David Proud
Cathy Richards
Jenny Shiell
David Simpson
2 x Vacancies
Information Desk Sandy & Carolyn Millar Liz Henning Marion Blake Carol Jeffrey


7.00pm Team

  1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday
Greeters & Stewards Beth Allnutt
David Dushimimana
Kirralee Fisher
Pamela Kennedy
Michelle Livingstone
Mark Rintoul
James White
Fiona Breingan
Becky Chaddock
Richard Hattersley-Smith
Pamela Kennedy
Amanda Sills
Mary Wilson
Michelle Livingstone
Christine Deponio
Alistair Hector
Rosemary Hector
David James
Cathy Richards
Amanda Sills
1 x Vacancy
Sara-Jane Villar
Luis Villar
Alan/Fiona Beal
Craig Irving
Marjory Vander Steen
Roger Vander Steen
Neil Bain


Fifth Sundays in 2017

29th January - Team 1
30th April - Team 2
30th July - Team 3
29th October - Team 4

Welcome Team Manuals

  • Welcome Team Manual can be accessed HERE