To fulfill our vision we have implemented a six-year strategy with four key themes:

1 - Plant Churches

  • A healthy church is a growing church
  • God will grow us as a church community – to plant, and through planting
  • We want to reclaim potentially vacant church buildings for God
  • We will strategically appoint our next curate to lead a church plant
  • We will investigate partnerships with other churches to plant or graft new congregations

2 - Develop Pathways for Spiritual Formation

  • We want our members to be in Connect groups, or a group appropriate to their age (for children and youth)
  • Connect groups will be described by members as releasing, empowering, valuing, discipling, equipping and training members. Connect groups will help grow members’
  • Confidence to live as ‘whole life disciples’
  • A range of courses will equip members of different ages and stages. We will identify a pathway and related courses for each age and stage
  • We will develop a mentoring programme
  • Each year our programme will include opportunities for people at different stages of life to hear the gospel

3 - Establish a Social Transformation Ministry

  • Service, relationships with the vulnerable, and partnership will characterise our Social Transformation ministry
  • We will involve the whole congregation by celebrating Social Action work already taking place within our community, and encouraging participation
  • We will develop strategic relationships with partner organisations, including SERVE, Astel and Local Focus partners
  • We will build relationships with local and national government to become an influential voice
  • We will explore different areas of work, including counselling, support for the homeless and hungry, early years activity, pastoral care, foster care and activity with the elderly

4 - Establish a Theological Centre

  • We will engage in dialogue with the diocese, with the leaders of other churches and with education providers to realise our vision for a new Theological Training Centre
  • The centre will offer a range of training options including mixed mode training
  • We want to train and equip younger ordinands, missionminded leaders and worship leaders
  • Our Theological Centre will help us think through being whole life disciples

Our vision to 2020 can be viewed here. The pledge form can be downloaded here

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